Transitional Living Program

Educating + Equipping Young Adults to Achieve Independence

Sunnybrook’s Transitional Living Program serves residents 15 to 20 that are wanting to transition to a life of independence by advancing themselves personally and professionally. Residents are on a tract to pursue further education, workforce development, military enlistment.

In addition to their professional advancement, residents live in
on-campus housing and are growing personally through Independent Living courses and personal development opportunities such as Financial Literacy, Basic Auto Care, and Basic First Aid.

  • The TLP exists to support residents as they transition successfully toward their next step of independence upon completion of the program.
  • Youth are guided with a unique blend of educational and experiential opportunities.


Expectant Moms Program

part of Sunnybrook's Transitional Living Program 

Belonging + Growing + Becoming

Sunnybrook’s Transitional Living Program serves residents 14-20 (CPS) and 17-20 (Private Placement) 


  • Have an active desire to finish education (GED/HS Diploma), start post-secondary education or career training
  • Have an active desire to find gainful employment and begin working towards a preferred career path
  • Have an active desire to develop oneself personally and professionally with knowledge, experience and abilities that point a resident towards being able to live independently upon completion of the TLP 
  • Agrees to comply with the program’s Placement Agreement while at Sunnybrook


  • Living in Community – Residents will live in a stable community alongside other residents under the care of Houseparents and this will require complying with guidelines
  • Personal Development - Residents will participate in a variety of sessions that are focused on their mental, emotional, financial and spiritual frameworks, so that they better understand who they are and how to make the best decisions for themselves
  • Educational Advancement – Residents will pursue completing their GED/HS Diploma, or furthering their education with post-secondary school or career training 
  • Professional Development – Residents will be a part of Sunnybrook’s on campus internship and then have an opportunity to work off campus
  • Case Management and Counseling – Residents will participate in their own case management by attending scheduled appointments, counseling sessions, and family team meetings
  • Independent Living Skills Training – Residents will learn skills in both living independently in a home and also how to live interdependently and caring for others
  • Personal Care – Residents will be guided in learning how to care for themselves through their Case Management, Personal Development Sessions and Living in Community they will learn how to adequately meet their own needs at a basic level

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