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Our vision at Sunnybrook Children's Home is that “Every child and youth in Mississippi will experience the advantages associated with growing up in a healthy Christian family environment.”

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Making a Difference, One Life at a Time

Sunnybrook Children's Home celebrates more than 60 years since its founding in 1963, a milestone that marks six decades of providing safe and nurturing homes for foster children and their families. 

Learn how Sunnybrook outcomes are exceeding State and National benchmarks in preparing foster care graduates for life!

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Sunnybrook's Campus

New Approaches to Home and Hope

Sunnybrook has been nurturing the neglected youth of Mississippi for more than six decades. Because of an increased need and changes in funding structures, Sunnybrook now exclusively serves transitional-age youth, between the ages of 14-21.

Our goal is to prepare older youth exiting the foster care systems for a life of sustainability after they leave their current care structure. By ministering to adolescents and young adults through intentional Transitional Programs, we can see life-change that breaks generational cycles. 

Our residential campus is located on Sunnybrook Road in the heart of Ridgeland, Mississippi.

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What We Do

As society continues to change, Sunnybrook continues to alter its services to meet the complex needs and future challenges of youth.

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