Program Overview

Older youth exiting the foster care system or preparing to leave their parents care often struggle to launch successfully. Our Transitional program is designed to prepare transitional-age youth, ages 14-21, for a life of sustainability after they leave their current care structure. Through intentional Educational, Professional, Personal and Financial development programming, staffing, and facilities, Sunnybrook works exclusively with older youth to prepare them for success as engaged Christian members of their communities.

Program Mission

Receive transitional-age youth, initiate and strengthen their overall personal development while at Sunnybrook, and support them as they create and execute a personal plan toward their next step of independence.

Program Vision 

To see life-change that breaks generational cycles and has an eternal impact on the lives of Sunnybrook residents. 


Transitional Living Program

Sunnybrook serves transitional-age youth, between the ages of 14-21. A majority of these residents are in state custody, were previously adopted, or come from troubled backgrounds. Because the needs of residents vary drastically depending on their background, abilities, and personal goals Sunnybrook has two levels of programing. Transitional Living Program (TLP) residents are typically 14–18-year-olds who are in high school or working on a high school equivalency. They live with Houseparents who serve as their primary caregivers at Sunnybrook. The TLP program focuses on extensive life skills development, financial readiness training, acquiring a driver’s license, and part-time employment.

Supervised Independent Living

Supervised Independent Living (SIL) residents are typically 18-21 years of age and have completed high school, or high school equivalency. Participants reside with a Resident Assistant who provides supervision, support, and encouragement. The primary difference between the TLP and SIL residents is that they will begin working directly with the Sunnybrook administration team to manage their own personal care. The SIL programming builds on the personal, professional, and educational development from the TLP, but places a greater emphasis on professional development and financial advancement. SIL residents are required to work full-time, go to college (or trade school) full-time, or a combination of both. Managing their personal affairs, maintaining a vehicle, and saving money for long-term goals are markers of a SIL resident’s success as they approach transitioning away from Sunnybrook.


Our Goal: Successful Transitions Away from Sunnybrook

“Success” will look different depending on each resident’s circumstances and goals.

Our immediate marker for success is that a resident leaves Sunnybrook and their next step is an opportunity for success, not them taking a chance or proceeding without attainable goals. Sunnybrook programs are focused on life's basic fundamentals that include our residents obtaining a driver’s license, completion of the Work Life and Faith and Finance curriculums, securing reliable transportation, stable employment or a full-time education plan, predictable housing, and financial stability that includes budgeting and savings. 

Prior to a resident successfully transitioning away from Sunnybrook, we have them complete a comprehensive transition plan that is unique to their journey ahead and serves as a roadmap for independency in their adult lives.

“You guys are amazing, the care that you provide, and your mission is truly incredible. We are blessed to have had a chance to see you guys in action. Sunnybrook is an outstanding program, with a very special and Godly staff. Thank you all again from the bottom of our hearts!”

- Wayne and Melissa, Adoptive parents of a Sunnybrook resident


Special thanks to Entergy Mississippi for their life-changing investment.

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