Why Is Your Help Needed?

Sunnybrook Children’s Home ministry depends on the generous support of individuals like you.

Your contributions allow us to continue meeting the physical, spiritual, emotional and educational needs of the abused and neglected children we are privileged to serve. Your assistance helps us with ongoing projects such as: upkeep, restoration and renovation of our homes and buildings on campus. Then, there are the “dreams” we have for expanding our programs.  Your partnership with us will allow us to address current needs as well as implement future plans and programs for the future. 

As a non-profit 501(c)3 Charitable Organization, all donations are tax deductible.  Every gift is important to us and greatly appreciated. 


“Somewhere out there is a unique place for you to help others - a unique life role for you to fill that only you can fill.” — Thomas Kinkade

Your Time

Whether you are one person, a family, service organization, corporate sponsor or school, we welcome you. If you have one hour, one day or one year, come alongside our Sunnybrook Children's Home Family. We need you and will appreciate every moment you are able to share with us. Most of all we need your fervent prayers for wisdom, direction, health and provision as we heed God's call in our lives.

Your Talent or Skill

As an electrician, plumber, cake decorator, barber, contractor, activities coordinator, tutor, craftsperson, gardener, etc., your expertise would be invaluable to us as a resource. Together we will serve these precious children.

Your Finances

Sunnybrook Children’s Home is a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization. There are many ways that your tax-deductible monetary gifts will help:

  • Financial contributions
  • Support of a specific child or children
  • Support of specific home or homes
  • School supplies
  • Birthday and Christmas gifts
  • Summer vacation, camps, and special activities
  • Food and household supplies
  • Memorials and Honorariums for special people in your life
  • Planned giving - Leave a legacy.  You may provide for Sunnybrook Children’s Home through: Wills or Bequest, Life Insurance and Annuities; Stocks, Bonds or CD's; and Property
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As you consider a family's needs, you can imagine the magnitude of ours.

We are dependent on the generosity of friends like you. Tax-deductible donations can be made to our 501(c)(3) organization by mail or personal visit.  

There are household items which are continuously needed at Sunnybrook Children's Home. If you are interested in receiving a Current Needs list, please contact Chris Eason at ceason@sunnybrookms.org.  

As always, we look forward to the chance of visiting with you on a Campus Tour! Call Chris at 601.856.6555, ext. 101 to plan a tour. 

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Career Opportunities

Sunnybrook gives "home and hope" to youth with a safe, loving, and structured home environment + a team dedicated to guiding them educationally, professionally, and spiritually.