Sunnybrook has provided homes, hope, and healing to Mississippi’s children for more than 60 years with a safe, loving, and structured home environment. A team dedicated to guiding our youth educationally, professionally, and spiritually.

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Sunnybrook's Vision is that every child and youth in Mississippi will experience the advantages associated with growing up in a healthy Christian family environment. Our mission provides support to foster parents and children, while also preparing older youth to succeed in life by developing independence through education, job training, self-discipline, and a strong Christian foundation. 

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Houseparents at Sunnybrook provide the consistency of a loving, gospel-minded home that most of our residents have never had. They are Sunnybrook's frontline warriors, providing supervision and instruction to transitional-age youth who, without their support, would be at a much higher risk for homelessness, joblessness, and teen pregnancy.

  • Responsible to: Direct Care Supervisor
  • Qualifications: Highschool Diploma, professional experience working with youth in a ministry setting, and at least 25 years of age.

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