Sunnybrook gives "home and hope" to youth with a safe, loving, and structured home environment + a team dedicated to guiding them educationally, professionally, and spiritually. 

Director of Advancement

Sunnybrook Children’s Home is seeking an experienced, mission-minded fundraising professional to lead our development program. The vision of Sunnybrook is that every child and youth in Mississippi will experience the advantages associated with growing up in a healthy Christian family environment. Sunnybrook provides support to foster families and prepares older youth to succeed in life by developing independence through education, job training, self-discipline, and a strong Christian foundation.

Position Overview

Reporting to the Executive Director (ED), the Director of Advancement (DA), serves as a key leadership team member and an active participant in making strategic decisions affecting Sunnybrook. In partnership with the ED and the fundraising team, this position is responsible for all fundraising and development activities. The DA will help to create our annual development plan, and act as the primary implementor of this plan. The DA will design and implement a comprehensive strategy for developing key external alliances by cultivating individual and philanthropic support.

It is expected that the amount raised by Sunnybrook will increase in future years as the DA systematically and effectively strengthens the organization's overall fundraising capacity.


  1. Establish and maintain relationships with donors to secure major and minor gifts 
  2. Oversee implementation of integrated fund development for Sunnybrook
  3. Position Sunnybrook as a leader in the community, one deserving of private and public support 
    1. Be proactive in placing stories in the media concerning newsworthy subjects 
    2. Oversee production of all publications, including newsletters, annual report, web site and collateral to market businesses
  4. Actively participate in Senior Management Team 
  5. Other duties as assigned


  1. 3-plus years of professional experience in a nonprofit organization; demonstrated success in a development function (managing and forging relationships with multiple donor sources) 
  2. Tangible experience of having expanded and cultivated existing donor relationships over time 
  3. Excellent communication skills, both written and oral; ability to influence and engage a wide range of donors and build long-term relationships 
  4. Bachelor's degree required 
  5. Ability to construct, articulate, and implement annual strategic development plan
  6.  Strong organizational and time management skills with exceptional attention to detail 
  7. A professional and resourceful style; the ability to work independently and as a team player, to take initiative, and to manage multiple tasks and projects at a time 

Interested parties should contact our Executive Director, Myrle Grate, at


Houseparents at Sunnybrook are employed to live in the house and provide frontline supervision and instruction for residents during non-program hours. Our desire is to have gospel-oriented individuals that are committed to Sunnybrook’s vision and Christ’s mission, serve as Houseparents. Our goal is for Houseparents to serve multiple years in order to provide the consistency at home that so many of our residents have never had.

  • Responsible to:  Direct Care Supervisor
  • Qualifications:  Highschool Diploma, professional experience working with youth in a ministry setting, and at least 21 years of age.
  • Work week:  Full time position – 2 weeks working, 1 week off (flex) in rotation; full time benefits included

Expectations from the Home 

  1. Food services and assisting the residents as they learn to cook
  2. Cleanliness and order of the home is interdependently reliant upon residents and houseparents
  3. Productivity and operations are consistent and structured so that flexibility is available

Engagement with the Residents

  1. Assisting, Modeling and Teaching residents healthy habits and productive skills related to daily living
  2. Reinforcing program philosophies around the house with regards to work, creativity, problem-solving and serving others

Involvement with the Residents' Personal Development 

  1. Afternoons, evenings and weekends are structured in a way that promote productive living
  2. creating, facilitating and overseeing activities and events that foster individual development
  3. Family life (Climate of the House) is resident-centered and is relational in orientation  
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Sunnybrook is an Equal Opportunity Employer.