“These kids come from hard places, most of which they did not choose to be in, but what we are doing now is showing them that there is another way, a better way.”

-C.J. Stewart, Transitional Living Program Director and Houseparent

Houseparents are the backbone of Sunnybrook's ministry

Houseparents at Sunnybrook provide the consistency of a loving, gospel-minded home that most of our residents have never had. They are Sunnybrook's frontline warriors, providing supervision and instruction to transitional-age youth who, without their support, would be at a much higher risk for homelessness, joblessness, and teen pregnancy.

  • Responsible to:  Direct Care Supervisor
  • Qualifications:  Highschool Diploma, professional experience working with youth in a ministry setting, and at least 21 years of age.
  • Work week:  Full time position – One 4-day respite weekend per month and 4 weeks Paid Time Off

Expectations from the Home 

  1. Food services and assisting the residents as they learn to cook
  2. Cleanliness and order of the home is interdependently reliant upon residents and houseparents
  3. Productivity and operations are consistent and structured so that flexibility is available

Engagement with the Residents

  1. Assisting, Modeling and Teaching residents healthy habits and productive skills related to daily living
  2. Reinforcing program philosophies around the house with regards to work, creativity, problem-solving and serving others

Involvement with the Residents' Personal Development 

  1. Afternoons, evenings and weekends are structured in a way that promote productive living
  2. creating, facilitating and overseeing activities and events that foster individual development
  3. Family life (Climate of the House) is resident-centered and is relational in orientation  

Houseparents at Sunnybrook are...

Houseparents maintain an eternal perspective to their assigned work within the houses. They desire to use everyday life experiences to both teach and model the Gospel for the residents they shepherd.

Houseparents are prepared for the uncertainties that working in this field brings. They seek to improve processes that promote structure and consistency within the houses and on campus.

Houseparents connect relationally to residents in such a way that discrepancies in residents’ baseline moods, words and behaviors will be recognizable and met with the needed support.

Houseparents first seek to solve problems within the home before requesting assistance. They are the primary leader within each house and thus will face the burden of solving their problems and the residents’.

Meet the Houseparents

CJ and Danielle Stewart

"The most fulfilling part about serving as a houseparent is that we get to experience life WITH residents. This is sometimes hard, sometimes fun, sometimes sad, but is always an opportunity for growth to happen that will change both their lives and ours."

Quinn and Laura Crawford

"Quinn and I find the most fulfilling part of being houseparents is doing life alongside our girls and having them want us to be a part of their lives. Knowing they trust us as their mentors in this season of life is something we don’t take for granted and are incredibly thankful for."

Sandra Jones

"It fulfills me to know that when a child succeeds in life, I can say that GOD used me to help lay the foundation."

John and Jennifer Minder

"Being a houseparent is fulfilling when we see habits change, cycles breaking, when old ways fall away and residents choose to embrace God, rather than turn from Him.”

If you have a heart for older youth in need of love and direction, we invite you to apply: