Sunnybrook Children's Home is licensed by the State of Mississippi to provide residential care. It serves male and female youth who meet the criteria for basic care.

Youth considered appropriate for basic care are those who are capable of functioning in an open environment and community without needing continuous supervision or intense therapeutic services. Our residents attend public schools where academic excellence is encouraged and is a priority.

Admission/Placement Requirements

Before entering the program, potential placements are screened for their eligibility and desire to engage with programing.

The typical Sunnybrook resident will possess the following characteristics:

  • Ages 16-18 (Tier I) and 18-20 (Tier II) 
  • An active desire to finish education (GED/HS Diploma), start post-secondary education, or career training 
  • An active desire to find gainful employment and begin working toward a preferred vocational or career path 
  • An active desire to develop oneself personally and professionally 
  • Agrees to comply with the program’s Placement Agreement while at Sunnybrook 

Currently, we receive referrals from three primary sources: CPS, state-wide Mississippi nonprofits, and national nonprofits serving unique disadvantaged teenagers within the foster care system. All referrals are put through a process that screens for potential success at multiple levels. Once a referral’s paperwork confirms that they are an eligible candidate for the program, an interview is conducted. Every candidate interviewed has a scorecard completed by the Resident Development Coordinator and Clinical Services Director based on six distinct metrics: 

  • Behavioral / Placement History
  • Medical Status
  • Developmental History
  • Education Status
  • Professional History
  • Individual Motivation / Willingness to Work. 

Determinations are made based on the scorecard’s rating and the capabilities of Sunnybrook to help meet the resident’s needs for successfully achieving goals. Because Sunnybrook Children’s Home is a non-therapeutic home, youth in need of continuous supervision or intense therapeutic services are better served in other environments. 

Admission Process

For admissions information and forms, please contact our Assistant Program Director, Hannah Benton.

You can also call our Sunnybrook office at (601)-856-6555.

Note: We will accept Department of Human Services application forms for all DHS referrals.