Sunnybrook Children's Home is licensed by the State of Mississippi to provide residential care. It serves male and female children who meet the criteria for basic care.

Children considered appropriate for basic care are those who are capable of functioning in an open environment and community without needing continuous supervision or intense therapeutic services. Our children attend public schools where academic excellence is encouraged and is a priority.

Admission/Placement Requirements

All referrals are screened by the Sunnybrook Children’s Home screening committee via a questionnaire.

Because Sunnybrook Children’s Home is a non-therapeutic home, children in need of continuous supervision or intense therapeutic services are better served in other environments. The typical Sunnybrook resident will possess the following characteristics:

  • No previous affiliation with a gang, cult, hate group or any organization assembled to conduct anti-social activities
  • Low to moderate medical issues
  • Nonexistent or infrequent displays of violence or aggression
  • No fire-setting history or history of sexual perpetuation
  • No to low history of severe substance abuse/ dependence
  • A full-scale I/Q above 70
  • An ability to attend public school
  • A willingness to submit to authority

Because each child is unique, Sunnybrook desires to meet each potential resident for an interview, during which time the child will complete an initial questionnaire, allowing Sunnybrook staff to better know the child’s history and current level of functioning. In addition, Sunnybrook desires each potential resident to meet the staff, ask questions and tour the campus.  After the interview, Sunnybrook’s Social Services staff will decide if the candidate is an appropriate placement, and let the referring agent know their decision typically within two working days.

For admission information and forms, please click here.  

Admission Process

​Sunnybrook Children's Home is licensed by the State of Mississippi to provide residential care.

To get started, you may call the Sunnybrook Children's Home office at (601) 856-6555 and request an application or download forms directly from our website.

Note: We will accept Department of Human Services application forms for all DHS referrals.

Next Steps

1. An initial referral screening process is conducted.

2. If the referral appears to be a candidate for Sunnybrook Children's Home, an admissions packet is sent to the parent/legal guardian.

3. After reviewing and assessing the admissions packet by the screening committee, an assessment interview will be arranged if the youth appears to be an appropriate candidate for the program.

4. During the assessment interview, the youth will be further assessed according to the following criteria:  

  • Reaction to limits set by authority figures
  • Reactions to stressful situations
  • Violence
  • Suicidal potential
  • Strengths and deficits
  • Intensity and frequency of anxiety, depression and anger
  • Capacity for healthy interpersonal relationships

5. Following the assessment conference, a decision on the suitability of placement for the youth will be made on the basis of all available information.

Please call our Social Services department to discuss admissions: 601.856.6555.