Sunnybrook Cares

Support for Foster Families + Childcare Advocates

Foster families and childcare advocates (Child Protection Services staff, foster care ministries, etc.) stay at no cost to them as they receive rest and rejuvenation at our countryside hospitality home. Guests receive quality food, a listening ear, a network of support, and inspiration to continue serving.

“All of us – biological families, foster families, social workers, lawyers, judges – are operating in a broken system. And we are all doing our best with the information and experience we have. But at the center of it all are the kids. On the hard days, I think about the kids and realize no matter how hard this is for me, it is harder for them. And because of them, we are in it for the long haul, and we need people who will walk with each of us for that long journey.” 
Bob and Jill Carlson, guests and friends of the Sunnybrook Cares program

“I’m not sure we would have continued to foster, had we not been so wrapped in love...”
- The Harmon Family, guests and friends of the Sunnybrook Cares program