Through its programming, staffing, and facilities, Sunnybrook  ministers to transitional-age youth and foster families. Our goal is that our residents will be given the tools they need to succeed and thrive as engaged members of their communities.

Transitional Living Program

Educating + Equipping Young Adults to Achieve Independence

Through the TLP (Transitional Living Program) at Sunnybrook, older youth will be guided to receive opportunities, build personal development plus a strong value system, and accomplish goals towards becoming independent. 

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Sunnybrook Cares

Support for Foster Families + Childcare Advocates  

Through collaboration with churches, Sunnybrook Cares is a unique resource focused on sustaining those caring for children by connecting them to a team of people ready to help with any need.  Our goal is to provide a family for every child and support for every family. 

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Strengthening Foster Families Through Professional Counseling Services

Sunnybrook Counseling Services is a professional counseling ministry dedicated to supporting, equipping, and encouraging foster families and their children throughout the foster journey. Realizing the counseling needs of foster children often stem from histories of abuse, trauma, and neglect, Sunnybrook specializes in trauma informed care, attachment and adjustment issues.

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