A Sunnybrook Christmas

As the holiday season rolls in and we make plans for our children, we are continually reminded of what Christmas is all about. We desire for Christmas to be a celebration of God’s gift to the world- Jesus- while also providing practical and special gifts for the children who call Sunnybrook “home.” Many of our kids spend precious childhood years with us.

This year, we have a few unique options for you in making Christmas a celebration. Beyond practical gifts, there are ways to make Sunnybrook Family memories possible throughout the year, particularly for new residents who may arrive throughout 2020.  Positive memories aid in the healing and joy of our boys and girls.

1)      MEMORY PACKAGE: If you are interested in purchasing a memory package to be enjoyed through the year, CLICK HERE. As we have limited funds for education and recreational activities, our kids would be grateful for positive experiences sponsored by you! We are currently finalizing these packages, which will include memories such as birthday celebrations, eating lunch somewhere off campus, traveling to a museum, camping, going bowling, enjoying art lessons, and more!

2)      WISH LIST: If you are interested in purchasing a specific “wish” from a child’s wish list or from a cottage wish list, we can give you the exact store, size, and item details that would bring a smile to a face this Christmas. Email wpartridge@sunnych.net for more information. 

3)      HOME: If you are interested in helping us provide a safe place to call home, tutoring, and counseling services throughout the holidays and beyond, please consider giving at www.sunnych.net/donate. The vast majority of our ministry is funded by friends like you!

Thank you for considering providing a special Christmas experience for our children. We are grateful to be able to provide a joyful childhood experience for our residents through your support!

How Can You Help?

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