Our Mission & Values

Sunnybrook Children’s Home is a benevolent home ministering to children in need of a loving, stable and nurturing home environment.

Biblical principles carefully guide our objectives in nurturing children. Sunnybrook Children’s Home specializes in love, which is the most vital element in a child’s life.

Mission Statement

Making a difference one child at a time.

Sunnybrook is a professional childcare ministry dedicated to providing programs and services designed to support the total development of children and youth, while assisting them in realizing their God-given potential. We provide 24/7 care through family-style group homes for youth as they move to independence, as well as foster and adoptive support services.

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Core Values

As a Christian organization, we value:

A belief in God; promoting spiritual growth and religious connections that foster Christian morality, responsibility, a desire to serve others, and a strong work ethic

A strong emphasis on education excellence

The right of all children and adults to be safe and respected as they realize their fullest potential in life

A family living environment that emphasizes personal responsibility, positive communication, effective decision making and appropriate expression of one’s feelings

The aspiration for each child to have reconciliation with their past, zeal for the present and hope for the future