Sunnybrook Celebrates 60 Years of Faithful Ministry

Honoring Our Legacy. Embracing Our Present. Securing Our Future.

As we celebrate 60 Years of Ministry at Sunnybrook, we encourage all of you to Rejoice with Us as we tell stories of past and present to remind us of our origin. During the year, we will share by mail, email, on our website, and by way of social media both old and new videos, historic pictures and memorable moments that provide all of us at Sunnybrook the platform to say, 'Thank You'. 

From our Home to yours, 60 years of faithful ministry is not possible without Sunnybrook's impassioned network of friends, family, supporters, and communities far and wide. It is your belief and conviction in God's ministry that carries forth our lasting and profound impact, a legacy we call Sunnybrook Children's Home! 

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Give. Serve. Pray, together. Making a difference... one life at a time!

Sunnybrook Historical Timeline Through The Decades (1963-2023)

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